The Redlake Valley, south Shropshire

The Redlake Valley, south Shropshire


Therapy and You

Do you want to:

  • relate better to other people

  • break out of familiar patterns

  • deal with anxiety, depression, stress or trauma

  • open up to change, growth, wholeness

  • live more fully in your body and in the present moment

  • find deeper connection between yourself and the wider world?

Psychotherapy may be suited to you, if you do. It provides a confidential space for you to explore how past or current circumstances may be colouring your life.

Perhaps your relationships, work or zest for life are not as you’d like. Engaging in dialogue with a supportive professional can help you open up to being more fully you.

For more on the practicalities, click on the Let's Get Started button on this page, or go to How I Work to get a sense of how I might support you.



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