South Shropshire Hills

South Shropshire Hills


How i work

Since any difficulties we have affect us in the present, my main focus is the here-and-now. So as we work, I'll help you bring your awareness to your emotions, your bodily sensations, your breathing, or to memories of the past – all as they emerge in the present moment.

I'll support you to try out new ways of being and doing, so that you're left with a better insight into how you're stuck and how to move forward.  

I trained in Gestalt psychotherapy. More than just a therapy, Gestalt is an approach to living life to the fullest. Gestalt is optimistic about the possibility of growth, holistic in its outlook.

Clients tell me I’m grounded, calm, caring, unshockable - and gently challenging.



Like many people, I find inspiration by walking and contemplating in nature. I have got to know how being in green spaces can in itself be healing.

So I’ve created a therapy space where I can see clients either inside or outside, depending on what the client chooses – and on the weather. We might simply sit outside for some of our session on a nice day. Or we might wander in the outside space, connecting more closely with what’s around us.

If you want to take your therapy outside, I simply ask that you are fit enough, and wear suitable footwear and clothing.



I’ve loved working with a wide variety of clients over the years, and all are welcome.

As a man, I particularly relish working with other men who want to explore their lives with the support of a male therapist. 


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